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Full text of "Deed, Wait Broughtton of Whatley [sic] to Joshua Belding, 1773"

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EII ^ t Opl0 to ibljom ti)efe ^uMt^ Ojali come, 

• Send Greeting, 

ix ; I £ 

KNOW TE. that « the faid 

Jn Confideraiion of the Sum of . O .^itiC* /i'^^-' >' 

.'7y/*7 .-V 

/ to 7?Vt in Hand paid before the Delivery hereof, by 

the Receipt whereof ^ . do hereby acknowledge, nave ^iVenr "K«aR^ Jja^ined— anJ — 
fold, and do by thefe Prefents, give, grant, bargain, iell, and convey unto , > the faid 

- //■/ 

i <■ 

ITO i^at)t fttlU to l^Dlt) the faid granted and bargained 

Heirs and Affigns forevcrJ 

together with all their Appurtenances, to the faid 

And «. the faid ^ ' ^ ^ ' ^^- ' A ^ .^ - 

for 'f *i Mj rr'* Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators, do hereby Covenant to 

and with the faid v ^^f%*^e*- ^'t T^ i tx--, 

that at the fealing hereof ^ 

Appurtenances, and ftand feized 

I ^y C" the lavt'ful Owner of faid granted Premifes, with their 
:ed thereof in ' /^ ' y own proper Right, as a goorl Eftate ia 
Fee ^impl.e, tha t \ ' hsve lawful Risiht to (afl the fame as afotefaid, that they are trt-e of 
all rticumbrances whatevelr'. Snirunrtet^Ttfa: v-^-* — \ 

JES-aad Adraiaiftrators, 

fhall and will warrant and defend faid^rartted ^ ^^ 

unto thefaidv /h'/i-Clo^ '■^4L»€ti-' J 

■M^J Heirs and Affigns forever, againiljme Claims of all People. 

in V/itnefs wMereof i 

the faid 


Hand and Seal this -^r Y'''.i 
Jnno Domini One Tholffand Seven Hundred and Seventy 
Year of His Majefty's Reign. 

have hereunto fet -» f «7 

Signed, Sealed and Delivered 
in trefeme of us 

1 - /flit ^ ^ < 



Day of ' 

and in the 



' U 

Q tf^H(j/^//^r. 

The above-named If At /, 

perfonally appeared and owned this Inftruraent to be 
free k^ and Deed. 

fujt, Pads. 


„■» k I 

.— 4> 

_ <li V i t •> » .